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Ionova S.V., Ogorelkov I.V. Personality Speech Diagnostics in Author Identification Based on Gender Parameter: Quantitative Approach Written by Svetlana V. Ionova, Igor V. Ogorelkov
Gorbacheva A.V., Nesterova T.N., Osadchiy M.A. On Forensic Linguists and Non-Experts Interpretation of Multimodal Texts Written by Aleksandra V. Gorbacheva, Tatiana V. Nesterova, Mikhail A. Osadchiy
Popov D.D., Popova V.A. Linguistic Personology – Potential in Phonoscopic Expertise Written by Dimitar D. Popov, Velka A. Popova
Litvinova T.A., Gromova A.V. Current Problems of Forensic Authorship Analysis and the Possibility of Their Solution with the Use of Computer Methods: Problems and Prospects Written by Tatyana A. Litvinova, Anastasiya V. Gromova
Baranov A.N. Speech and Gesture in Forensic Linguistics in Bribery Case: Towards Semantics and Pragmatics of “Closed” Discourses Written by Anatoliy N. Baranov
Duskaeva L.R. Discourse Analysis in Linguistic Expertise of Media Texts with Nationalistic Content Written by Liliia R. Duskaeva
Issers O.S. Communicative and Pragmatic Effects of a Negative Forecast in Terms of Determining an Indecent Utterance Written by Oksana S. Issers
Balyasnikova O.V., Ufimtseva N.V. “Conflictogenic Zones” of Language Consciousness in Intercultural Communication Written by Olga V. Balyasnikova, Natalya V. Ufimtseva
Kara-Murza E.S. Linguoconflictology and Conflicts in Russian Media (Analysis of Double Case) Written by Elena S. Kara-Murza
Rathmayr R. Strategies of Conflict Resolution and Mitigation: The Potential of the Speech Act of Apologizing in the Perspective of Intercultural Pragmatics Written by Renate Rathmayr