Aims & Scope

The journal aims to promote the development of linguistics by providing a platform for scientific communication between Russian linguists and the international scholarly community. The journal gives open access to the achievements of national schools of linguistics to a broad readership.

– comprehensive presentation of the achievements of modern linguistics through
a) publishing the results of original research in language theory, applied and comparative linguistics, history, and the current state of languages of different groups and families;
b) bringing together in a single issue articles on similar research topics conducted by authors belonging to different schools of thought, publishing manuscripts using traditional and contemporary trends in linguistics, and applying new methods, research designs, and concepts to investigate linguistic phenomena and functions of languages in different discourse domains (including Internet communication) in synchronic and diachronic perspectives;
– supporting interdisciplinary research in the fields of computational linguistics, legal linguistics, sociolinguistics, gender linguistics, translation studies, theolinguistics, etc.;
– expanding the journal's international readership by publishing high-quality manuscripts by foreign authors and reviews of current theoretical and experimental research carried out by Russian and foreign scientists in Russian and English;
– enhancing interest in Russian studies on behalf of foreign professional linguists by translating into English Russian-language articles on the issues of Slavic languages, in particular Russian, and intercultural communication;
– supporting international research projects dedicated to the comparative study of languages within the framework of specific topics.

The editorial policy of the Journal is aimed at achieving the objectives set. The criteria for selecting the articles to be published are the following: the authors' appeal to new linguistic phenomena and new sources, the authors' familiarity with latest publications on the research topic carried out by domestic and foreign scholars and application of their results, scientific objectivity and thorough analysis of facts using the methods of scientific research that correspond to the current level of methodology development, and actual discussion potential. The Editorial Board promotes the development of scientific cooperation and welcomes the articles written in co-authorship by Russian and foreign researchers in the framework of international projects. In order to ensure equal access to Journal materials for readers and to represent the diversity of research approaches, the Editorial Board provides the "platinum open access" free of charge for both readers and authors. The highest quality of the published articles and objective assessment of the author's research outcomes are ensured by "double blind" peer review carried out by leading Russian and foreign scholars. The use of IMRAD structure as well as professional editorial processing of manuscripts contribute to sustaining the high standards of publications.      


Editor in Chief
Doctor of Philology
Elena Mikhajlovna Sheptukhina