Aims & Scope

         Aim of the Journal is
     – to contribute to humanitarian issues in international science communications owing to introducing high priority linguistic topics and current innovative results of Russian and foreign researchers to scientific community;
    – to enhance debates and discussions, to offer solutions on linguistic issues basing them on Russian scholarly and academic traditions in Philology in a pair with modern advance in Linguistics.

      Editorial policy of the journal is intended to promote the Russian and world linguistics achievements that are gained with relevance to modern research methods and broad scale of linguistics sources.
It is facilitated with:
  – ensuring accessibility to the published articles irrespective of geographic location or language of authors and readers;
  – introducing an open access journal policy;
  – extending inclusion of the journal into international data bases and open digital resources;
  – publishing articles in English, duplicating References in Latin, enlarging Abstracts;
  – maintaining high publishing standards due to expertise, professional editorial and technological processes;
 – publishing scholarly and theoretical, practical works and experimental results in current issues on functional linguistics of the Russian and other languages, intercultural communication, comparative language studies, linguistic theory, handling scientific discussions on prioritized trends in linguistics, cross-disciplinary researches. 


Editor in Chief
Doctor of Philology
Elena Mikhajlovna Sheptukhina