Ryzhov Konstantin Germanovich

Postgraduate Student, Department of Literature and Journalism, Volgograd State University ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Abstract. The article deals with the status, formal and semantic features of slogans used on websites of modern Russian publishing houses. The specificity of slogan as a phenomenon is studied in a large number of research works of recent decades, most of which are devoted to linguistic research. One of the least explored fields of slogan functioning is the hypertext space of a publishing house website. The article partially fills this gap that makes this study relevant.
By means of multidimensional analysis of slogans represented on 100 websites of Russian publishing houses, the author identifies that in the formal aspect publishing slogan is characterized by such features as briefness, cliche-style character, memorability, expressiveness and impelling character. In the semantic aspect publishing slogan includes such components as information about publishing product and/or brief summary of company's philosophy. It means that slogan implements double task: product and publishing house image representation. Analysis of publishing slogan's status allows to conclude that it is generally an independent communicative unit and autonomous kind of image text. The study shows that the publishing slogan is represented mostly in Russian, but there are also slogans in foreign languages.

Key words: publishing slogan, publishing house website, advertising discourse, imagemaking activity, formal features, semantic components.

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