Rozina I.N. Principles of the Successful Communication on the Hypertext Basis

Irina Nikolaevna Rozina

Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor, Professor of Department of Natural Sciences and Information Technologies, Southern Federal University

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Prosp. М. Nagibina, 33А / 47, 344068 Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation

Abstract. Communication based on hypertext will be successful if the communicative intention of the author is effectively implemented on a web page and thus perceived by the reader. Communication failure is characterized by some failure in the interaction between an author and a reader of hypertext, which does not allow a website author to achieve their strategic goal. The ergonomic principle of linguistic units' selection in the hypertext composition involves the allocation of a gipotext (minimum block or cut text that contains a complete thought, logically complete idea, saying, etc.), network communications and navigation systems. The multidimensional concept of hypertext expands it to media text and emphasizes its polycode, creolization and multimedia components. The rete principle is based on user participation in the process of computer-mediated communication to make some pragmatic steps on the website. Pedagogical principles of effective representation of hypertext educational material explore the characteristics of the educational information, tailored especially the perception of its trainees, as well as the types of thinking learners. The studied technology and design principles of creating an effective website based on the optimization of its structure, particularly hypertext. Structural, associative and additional hyperlinks form a communicative component of the website and set the relations between texts (interetextuality, transtextuality, paratextuality or hypertrextuality). The traditional hierarchy of participants in computer-mediated communication (writing – reading, individual – collective authorship) is changing. These changes are most evident in the projects of the collective accumulation of knowledge (encyclopedias, dictionaries, reference books). Professional SEOcopywriting successfully solves the communication problem by optimizing the hypertext content of the website on the stages of its development and subsequent editing.

Key words: hypertext, hyperlink, website, successful communication, communication failure, communicative component.

Citation. Rozina I.N. Principles of the Successful Communication on the Hypertext Basis. Science Journal of Volgograd State University. Linguistics, 2016, vol. 15, no. 3, pp. 37-46. (in Russian). DOI:

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