Bytko Nataliya Sergeevna

Candidate of Philological Sciences, Candidate for a Doctors Degree, Centre of Academic Researching and Teaching Foreign Languages, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )

Abstract. The lexicography of India has a long and fruitful history with Sanskrit being the central object of lexicographic description. However, the development of linguistic and sociocultural situation in the region brought other languages, including English, to the attention of lexicographers. In this article, one of the first dictionaries representing the use of English in India A Glossary of Judicial and Revenue Terms and Useful Words is studied. The methodology consists in the complex lexicographic analysis of the dictionary in the context with the linguistic and sociocultural situation in India. The research revealed the correlation between macroand micro- parameters of the dictionary and linguistic and sociocultural situation of the time. At the macro-level the correlation manifests itself in the fact that the dictionary parameters and the content were determined by the board of directors of the East India Company; the boards recommendations were based on the necessities of the Companys employees around the Raj territory. The exigency of better understanding of the terms cultural components required the substantial use of encyclopedic information. As a result, the dictionary typological characteristics were changed. At the micro-level the correlation reveals itself in the unification of entries orthography, in the combination of alphabetical and net word ordering.

Key words: historical lexicography, Indian lexicography, terminography, linguistic situation, juridical terminology, typology of dictionaries.

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